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Controller DMX Scan Operator FX II

Controller DMX Scan Operator FX II Controller DMX Scan Operator FX II Controller DMX Scan Operator FX II
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192 DMX Channels
240 Programmable Scenes
Extensive Effect Generator .
Varied Autostart function including desklock
6 Chaser consisting of program. Scenes

The Scan Operator FX II is the top product of the GLP Scan Operator Range. The hardware and software developed by GLP guarantee reliable and stable operation. With the new? Effects Engine? 12 different motion patterns (eg circles, sine waves, triangle, random etc.) can be generated automatically and stored in up to 240 cues. The effect patterns can be changed independently for each fixture in type, size, speed and phase. In addition, the device provides simple help functions to automatically generate different wave and random patterns. The effects generated by the Effects Engine are automatically reflected on the Pan / Tilt-configured channels.
The controller has 6 selective? Overlay scenes? With own hotkeys: Each of these scenes can previously overwrite freely defined channels. Thus, for example, dynamic stroboscopic effects, blinds or color changes can be applied via running chasers and programs. Another new feature is the Autostart Mode, which allows the user to completely save the current Playback state so that it is started automatically after the device is powered up. . .
In conjunction with the new? Desklock Mode ?, which prevents unauthorized access, the Scan Operator FX II is the ideal tool for all applications where automatic startup or unattended operation of the device is required. In addition, the extensive live control options provide perfect conditions for use in smaller clubs and discos.
The fast response midi operation gives musicians and LJs the opportunity to control a lightshow live through their midi synthesizers or keyboards. The detailed instructions and the simple and logical operation of the device also offer every novice the possibility to program a light show within a very short time.
Pan and Tilt Encoders that can be freely assigned for each fixture individually

Pan and Tilt Encoders that can be individually assigned for each Fixture individually

Fully configurable Blackout Master
Man. Overlaying any channels in play mode including master release button
Freeze function for DMX output
Built-in microphone for music control with adjustable digital filter
6 freely programmable and selective overlay scenes
MIDI control of many play functions, Such as banks, chase, blackout master, etc.
Inverting any channels
Fadetime function is configurable separately for each channel

Easy mode?
Copy function of entire memory
LCD display
Power failure safe
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This Product was added to our catalogue on Thursday, 10. April 2014.